Tanzania Trip Gallery #2

Here is the second gallery from the Tanzania trip.  This one is of the trek up[ Mt. Meru.  Enjoy!

Tanzania Post #3 – The Safari

After their service work the Tanzania crew finished off the trip with a safari.

Tanzania Trip Gallery #1

Kai has been back from Tanzania for a couple of weeks now but I am just getting around to getting galleries on the website.   Many thanks go to the trip chaperones for taking such wonderful pictures.

Nora’s Girl Scout Camp Out

Last month was Nora's Girl Scout campout at the Half Moon Bay beach.  Enjoy the pictures!

The last Mada ‘in Saleh Gallery

I thought we were done working through the Mada ‘in Saleh picture but here are a few more we downloaded from Cyrstal’s phone.  In the interest of thoroughness I present the true final gallery from Mada ‘in Saleh.

Mada ‘in Saleh #4

This is the last of the galleries from Crystal and Kai's visit to the ruins of the ancient Nabatean empire at Mada 'in Saleh.  Enjoy!

Mada ‘in Saleh #3

Here is the third Mada 'in Saleh gallery!   One more to go - stay tuned.

Mada ‘in Saleh 360 degrees

Here are some pictures from Mada ‘in Saleh taken with the Ricoh 360 camera.   These are full 360 degree pictures so pan around.

An finally, the room where they spent the night – it has to be seen in full 360 to be appreciated.

Mada ‘in Saleh #1

A couple of weekends ago Crystal and Kai took a trip to the ancient Nabatean site at Mada ‘in Saleh.  The age limit on the trip didn’t allow Nora to go so Ben and Nora did a day over in Bahrain.   Crystal and Kai came back with some amazing pictures – here is the first batch.

Random March Gallery

It is like a brand new website!   After months of inattention I’ve revisited the Jacobs family website and update the theme and gallery template.   Here are a few pictures to start off with and there are lots more to come – the Mada’in Saleh trip and Kai’s trip to Tanzania are up next.