Why I Miss Bass Lake

Sure do miss summers on the lake.

More Danbury Pictures

The last gallery from summer.   Clearing this off my camera before our next trip.  Enjoy!

Pikes Peak

The last of the Colorado galleries (I think).  This one of a trip to the summit of Pikes Peak.

The Garden of the Gods

The second part of our week without kids in Colorado Crystal and I stayed at the Garden of the Gods resort a part of our celebration of 20 years of marriage.

Red Rocks and Mt. Evans

While the kids were in camp Crystal and I visited some parks and peaks in Colorado – here is a gallery of our trips to Red Rocks as well Mt. Evans.   Mt. Evans boasts the highest paved road (though in some stretches that was being generous) and you can drive all the way to the the top.   It took about 45 minutes to cover the 8 miles of the White-Knuckle Parkway.   Storms were predicted but the skies were clear at the top for us.

Camp Dobbins

This past week Kai spent 6 nights at the Chris Dobbins Boy Scout Camp along with twenty other scouts from Troop 1 in Dhahran.   There was sun, rain, lightning and hail but everyone survived and Kai had an “awesome” time.

Jebel Visit

Kai and Nora recently did an overnight with Grandma and Grandpa Jacobsa nd we met up the next day at the Farmer’s Market in Baron.

Summer on Bass Lake

Here are a few random pictures of early summer vacation.  Hanging out by the fire and taking selfies on the boat.

Arrival in Danbury

Here is one of the first galleries from summer vacation.  Crystal was still working in London so the kids and I travelled over on our own and had the first few days to ourselves.

The Duluth Huskies Game

Several years ago Crystal had the brilliant idea to take the kids to a baseball game and we landed on the Duluth Huskies at Wade Stadium in West Duluth.  Since then it has been a cherished summer ritual to take in a game, overdo it at the concession stands, get a picture with Harley Husky and then the kids go through the line of players to get a baseball or a shirt signed by the team.

Whenever the team wins they end the game with the crowd singing “Sweet Caroline” and we’ve heard it every year, except this one.   Still, a fun time by any measure.